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I also have a home page computing-related stuff @ Cambridge

Particularly related to data-driven web design and collaboration, I have a blog, like most blogs it's updated in fits and starts.

Data driven web design

This topic is about the principles of data-driven websites, which equally could be called web applications. The basic concept is that the developers of the site should think (generally a good thing) about the primary entities contained within their system and religiously structure the presentation of information in the site around those primary entities. For example, a movie review site will sensibly contain pages dedicated to movies and actors, with the appropriate cross-linking between movie and actor pages. There are many implications of this approach discussed here.



Actually, some of the principles of data-driven web design are equally applicable to traditional client-server applications, for example an email client could usefully have 'person' as a primary noun.

A person-page on email

The World Wide Mind

A research effort to create a global Artificial Intelligence through a network of collaborating minds, led by my ex-Cambridge, now at Dublin City University colleague Mark Humphreys.