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My main occupation is to race sailplanes: ,
but that necessarily competes with the normal requirements of life with a young family.

In 2005 we returned from New York to Cambridge, England, where I am privileged to manage the University Computing Service at the University of Cambridge.

In New York we lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, while I managed the technology services of an investment bank:

Technology management might be considered by some an unexciting career, but Sept 11th 2001 delivered a jolt. Here's the view of our offices from our Emergency Control Center - 6am two days later:
Before dawn, looking over the Hudson
For a while the office in downtown Manhattan had a new view.

My wife Mary, daughters Kitty and Bella and baby Sophie and I have a home near Cambridge UK in the village of Thriplow. Here's a map of the area, and also a detailed aerial photo .

The house in Thriplow has been under contruction for a while. Here's the house before we started the construction: Click here to see a before/after animation , and here it is nearly finished: . Best comment so far is from a Cambridge taxi driver: "Is that one of them new Best Western hotels?". The impact on the lane will be less when the landscaping is done, honest.

Here are some more pictures of the girls.

Mary, Kitty and Bella in Paris, August 2001:

Bella in New York, March 2002:

Kitty in Venice, April 2002:

Mary in New York, April 2003:

Sophie in Cambridge, April 2005:

Bella in Sag Harbor, Long Island, USA May 2004:

Kitty looking for shells, Lido, Venice, March 2004:

Bella, Venice, March 2004:

Kitty, NYC, March 2004:

Kitty and Bella, NYC, March 2004:

Here are more photo's of the family:

Sophie Bella Kitty Misc