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Microsoft Flight Simulator
Numerous add-ons are available for FSX to provide simulated soaring flight.
IGC File Format
The link on the right takes you to a homepage for the file format used to store gliding flight logs. This is a plain text format giving a series of timestamped latitude/longitude/altitude records showing where you have flown, suitable for scoring in soaring competitions
IGC File Format homepage
Soaring with a GPS
(Relatively) inexpensive GPS's have greatly improved in-air navigation and post-flight analysis. These notes provide some guidance on choosing and using a GPS for soaring.

The soaring clubs I used to fly from

NE US Weather (I suggest you review in this order):
  1. BlipMap (Thermal map for tomorrow)
  2. 7-day synoptic chart loop
  3. Weather.com (7 day plus hourly 2 days)
  4. Accuweather (7 day plus hourly 3 days)
  5. Upper air soundings forecast (today and tomorrow)
  6. NOAA (National aviation 7-day forecast)
  7. Intellicast (simple 10-day forecast)
  8. Launch Code (today & tomorrow)
  9. Synoptic charts (1-2 day detail, 7 day forecast)
  10. Video - weekend
  11. Video - week ahead
UK Weather:
  1. WeatherJack
Governor's Cup
The innovative multi-site annual competition in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  1. Gov Cup homepage
  2. Flight logs and upload
the free soaring logger file analysis program written in Java
Krasnoff Soaring Simulator
a competition racing simulator written in JavaScript
Flight Club Soaring Simulator
a 3d racing simulator written in Java